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About Su Bishop

I am a glass artist - mostly working with flame-worked glass, but also some kiln-formed pieces. I make jewellery and sculptural or decorative pieces.

Some Progress

It has been a while – but we are making progress. This winter has been the coldest since we left Exmouth 11 years ago, and most of the garden has been dormant. However, the mandarin tree has been prolific, the broad beans are growing like mad and beginning to flower, and the bok choy are growing really well (the first time I’ve tried to grow bok choy – it seems to be quick growing and not prone to bugs, and it tastes great).


A double headed Clivia – gorgeous colour

It’s springtime again. The evenings are longer, the days are warmer and the garden is in bloom. Also Mrs Penny Plover has hatched another batch of chicks – 4 little chicks have hatched.

Mrs Penny Plover and her first hatchling.
Blue Irises
The cactus flower

I love my customers!

I love the feeling you get when a regular customer comes back for another piece. One of my customers (lets call her May) has bought a number of pieces from me – and she asked for a special piece – a long necklace with hollow beads.

This is the piece I made for her – shown here and below as a work in progress.

The piece was mailed to her, and she came back to me to tell me how delighted she is with the necklace. Its long enough to wear as a double or triple string, and the colours are fabulous.

Thank you May!

Henny Penny and friends…

Henny Penny 3a

Blame Joy!  She asked me if I could make a glass chicken!

Joy is one of the members at the Lower Clarence Arts and Crafts Association’s Ferry Park Gallery.  Joy made me a wonderful crocheted woolen knee rug that has kept me warm all winter.  Joy loved the glass fish that I have at Ferry Park, and asked if I could make a glass chicken for her granddaughter’s birthday.  That was fun!